Grainger Terry, Inc. is a full-service consulting firm dedicated to helping clients communicate in today's multifaceted marketplace. We cut through the clutter to deliver your message to the audience you need to reach. We go beyond advertising and press releases to develop integrated, comprehensive strategies that build credibility for people, products and businesses.

We achieve all this by capturing the imagination of the public and creating unified campaigns utilizing new and traditional media. Our mission is to Engage. Persuade. Mobilize.®


Grainger Terry, Inc. provides a full suite of diverse services, including planning and execution. Our creative team produces memorable content for print, television and in-stream Internet ads. In addition to quality content, you need positive PR to ensure your products or services are not only known, but loved. Whether you need a viral video produced on a tight deadline, or direct mail designed and printed in less than a week, we're your go-to shop.

Booking a celebrity appearance from Grainger Terry is the perfect way to ensure that your trade show or event is a success, garners media coverage and impresses clients. In today’s 24-hour media cycle, drawing consumers' attention to your business is more important than ever. A celebrity endorsement has the potential to greatly increase sales and the awareness of your brand.

At Grainger Terry, we work only for the people who hire us and are not constrained by any political party or single client. Our history of independence and the clients we choose to work for demonstrate our belief that the political process needs to be opened up to a diversity of ideas and people. We help clients clarify, express and promote their positions all the while ensuring the client knows fully the impact of their choices in a political and policy setting. We are strong advocates for individuals and political action committees. We represent you, your values, your vision to the best of our ability. Take a look at the diverse clients we have represented. They include independents, libertarians, democrats and republicans.